Today was a “wheelie” good day…

Some months ago I reactivated the partnership with SWS Handbuilt Wheels. In this day and age one is certainly looking for quality products, steady delivery and passionate people that stand behind their products. No more messing around with manufacturers that hop from one distributor to another just to get their numbers right…

It’s all in the details

I once was given the nickname “detailsman”. There’s a reason for that, details make a difference. It’s those small things that keep your mind going. These wheels are all about the details for me. The stainless DT Swiss spokes, brass nipples, the unbreakable standard DT 350 hubs, quality rims according to the latest tire specs and that so import, perfect spoke tension. All these ingredients produce well built, stiff and reliable wheels. Last but not least the customisable decal stickers with a ton of colours offered to get that subtle match with your bike. Even personalisation of text areas is a possibility.

The Cykel standard

SWS Wheels become the Cykel Vélomakers standard in wheel offerings. All current and future custom builds will be offered based on Kris’s wheels. With a wide range of choice in aluminum and carbon road-gravel-MTB rims in usage specific widths, standard round spokes or aero bladed, DT Swiss 350-240s-180s hubs and rim or disc brake options there is a reliable option for any usage. Spare parts are always available as a standard at the shop, fast customer service made possible. No more regrets.

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